Matthew John Meagher

Matthew John Meagher is a Colorado native and uses the Rocky Mountains as a setting for many of his stories. Such is the case in “Ms. Baker’s Home” as well as his novel “Irish Town,” which premiered in March 2020.  “Irish Town” is acclaimed as a “Distinguished Favorite” in the 2020 NYC Big Book Awards. A former teacher who gained his MFA from Regis University, Matthew wants his readers of any age to “have fun” reading his works. His material is accessible and visually compelling. As one reader said, “Meagher engages his readers with compelling plot lines and relatable characters.”

His reviews and previews can be found at his website You can also follow him on any of his social media handles:

Twitter: @MatthewMeagher4
Instagram: @matthewjohnmeagherbooks
Facebook: Matt.Meagher.12

TIK TOK: mattmeagher0

His work in Fterota Logia: Ms. Baker’s Home