Katie Moran

Katie Moran is Fterota Logia‘s very own book reviewer. She is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston having received her BA in English Literature in December 2017. Unwilling to leave her second home at UMass Boston, she begins pursuing her MA in Creative Writing immediately following that. She considers herself a writer of sorts, and is resigned to the fact that there may never be enough literature to satiate her love of the written word. Follow her adventures in reading @thegrowingbookshelf on Instagram!

Her book reviews in Fterota Logia: 

The Cruel Prince by Holly BlackThe Wicked King by Holly Black, Nothing Happened by Molly BoothRomanov by Nadine Brandes, The Fruit of Our Thorns by Kassandra Flamouri, Ace of Shades by Amanda FoodyLegendary by Stephanie GarberFuryborn by Claire Legrand, Warcross by Marie LuAsh Princess by Laura Sebastian.