Kassandra Flamouri

Kassandra Flamouri’s storytelling career began at the age of three with “Squirm the Worm,” which was warmly received by an audience of assorted beetles in rural New Jersey (yes, “rural New Jersey” does actually exist). She went on to study music composition and ethnomusicology at the Sunderman Conservatory of Gettysburg College. Now, as an exam prep tutor and budding college planning counselor, she has time to devote to her first love, writing. Her work has appeared in Seven Deadly Sins: A YA Anthology (Envy) and Timeless Tales Magazine under the pen name Tamara Linden. Kassandra currently resides in Pennsylvania with a very sweet and loving man and an only intermittently sweet and mostly grumpy cat. More of her work can be found online at and

Her work in Fterota Logia: The Spider and the Honey Bee

In December 2018, Kassandra joined the Fterota Logia team as an editor. She has reviewed: Lady Smoke by Laura Sebastian, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo