Jade Cheng

Jade Cheng is a student at the University of Nevada, Reno, pursuing their BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation , with a minor in English Writing. Hoping to receive a Ph.D. later in her academic career, Jade values both the biological sciences and the literary arts. When they are not working on another writing piece or in the university’s research labs, they can be found spending time with friends and love ones, cooking, reading, and watching some of their favorite movies.

Their work in Fterota Logia: Love Potions Don’t Work


Mark Silcox

Mark Silcox was born and raised just outside of Toronto, Canada. He has previously worked as a security guard, a short order cook, and a freelance writer in the video game industry. His writing is featured in the n64 game Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage as well as the indie games Dragonlord and The Cave of Morpheus.  He currently lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he serves as Chair of the Department of Humanities and Philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma. He is the author of A Defense of Simulated Experience: New Noble Lies (2019), editor of Experience Machines: The Philosophy of Virtual Worlds (2017), co-author of Philosophy through Video Games (with Jon Cogburn, 2008) and co-editor of Dungeons & Dragons and Philosophy: Raiding The Temple of Wisdom (with Jon Cogburn, 2012). His SF novel The Face on the Mountain was published by Incandescent Phoenix Press in 2015.

His work in Fterota Logia: A Lot of Woe


Nick Stovel

Nick Stovel is a writer and student pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. Prior to that, he received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Florida Atlantic University, graduating cum laude. A true lover of storytelling, he has been writing since he had the ability to form sentences, and is also a self-proclaimed cinephile. His stories explore various themes but often feature characters struggling with anxiety and sense of self. In his free time, he enjoys going to the beach.

His work in Fterota Logia: Rollercoaster


Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day is an author, poet, blogger, and playwright from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her work has been featured in The Just Girl Project, Empyrean Literary Magazine, and Contemporary Jo. She is a student at Southern Utah University studying English education with a creative writing emphasis and double minors in theatre and film. You can find her on Instagram @itsanadventur.

Her work in Fterota Logia: We Were Happy


Vanetta Rodrigues


Vanetta Rodrigues is a writer from the city of dreams, i.e., Mumbai, India. She is an ardent reader and lover of Young Adult Fiction. She is pursuing her Ph.D. in English, looking at South Asian Diasporic Narratives in Young Adult Fiction from the Dept. Of English at SNDTWU, India. She holds a BA in English from St. Andrew’s College (Affiliated with the University of Mumbai, India) and an MA in English from SNDTWU, India. She also has experience of three years of teaching ( Full-time / Visiting) English Language and Literature to undergraduate students of the Arts, Humanities & Engineering disciplines.



Amy Naylor

Amy Naylor is a PhD student in the English Department at the University of Liverpool in the UK. Now in her fourth year of study, her research looks at representations of female mental health in contemporary British Young Adult Fiction. Before her PhD, Amy attained a BA in English at the University of Nottingham and an MPhil in Critical Approaches to Children’s Literature at the University of Cambridge.

Amy is also a volunteer for EmpathyLab, an organisation that encourages children to improve their ability to empathise through reading. When not doing work, you can often find her writing or curled up with her dog, Maisie, and a novel.


Yuhan Tang

Yuhan Tang is a burgeoning young writer currently residing in Shanghai. She loves reading all kinds of fiction and hopes to pursue creative writing in the future. In her free time, she is usually experimenting with paint, singing or listening to music.

Her work in Fterota Logia: Cyclone Sixteen