Allison Whittenberg

Allison Whittenberg is a Philly native who has a global perspective. If she wasn’t an author she’d be a private detective or a jazz singer.  Her novels include Hollywood and Maine, Life is Fine, Tutored, The Carnival of Reality and The Sane Asylum.  Her plays have been performed at Interact Theatre, The Spruce Hill Theatre,  Red Eye Theatre, Hedgerow Theatre, The Festival of Wrights, and The Playwright’s Center.

Her work in Fterota Logia: Sweet Thang


Jeremy Suh

Jeremy Suh is a current freshman and prospective Film & Media Studies major at Columbia University. He was a news editor for his high school newspaper and wrote the speech for his class’s commencement speaker. During his free time, he loves to read, write, and learn. This is his second fiction publication. His first story, Trampled On, was published by Grub Street in the short story collection, Born from Erasure Shavings.

His work in Fterota Logia: Barrel of Justice


Adrien Kade Sdao

Adrien Kade Sdao earned their MFA in Creative Writing (Writing for Young People) from Antioch University Los Angeles, where they now teach through the Continuing Education program inspiration2publication. They are a reader and guest editor for Voyage, a young adult literary journal. Their work has appeared in Lady/Liberty/Lit, Drunk Monkeys, K’in, Lunch Ticket, and more. They live in North Hollywood with their cat, Shelly. Find out more at

Their work on Fterota Logia: Dream City and Giraffes


Matthew John Meagher

Matthew John Meagher is a Colorado native and uses the Rocky Mountains as a setting for many of his stories. Such is the case in “Ms. Baker’s Home” as well as his novel “Irish Town,” which premiered in March 2020.  “Irish Town” is acclaimed as a “Distinguished Favorite” in the 2020 NYC Big Book Awards. A former teacher who gained his MFA from Regis University, Matthew wants his readers of any age to “have fun” reading his works. His material is accessible and visually compelling. As one reader said, “Meagher engages his readers with compelling plot lines and relatable characters.”

His reviews and previews can be found at his website You can also follow him on any of his social media handles:

Twitter: @MatthewMeagher4
Instagram: @matthewjohnmeagherbooks
Facebook: Matt.Meagher.12

TIK TOK: mattmeagher0

His work in Fterota Logia: Ms. Baker’s Home


Christina Hoag

Christina Hoag is the author of YA novels Girl on the Brink and Skin of Tattoos. A former journalist for the Miami Herald and Associated Press, she also reported from Latin America for Time, Business Week, Financial Times, New York Times and others. Her short stories and essays have been published in numerous literary reviews. She recently won prizes for essay and fiction in the International Human Rights Arts Festival Literary Awards and the Soul-Making Keats Writing Competition.

Her work in Fterota Logia: The Price of Truth


Corinne Silver

Corinne Silver is an author of young and new adult fiction, fantasy, and poetry. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Houston. While at UH, she worked as a consultant at the UH writing Center and earned a minor in Creative Work from the UH Honors College. Her poem, The Guardian Under Quarantine, can be found in Purdue University’s Asian American and Asian Resource and Cultural Center’s 2020 archive. Scripturient is her first literary publication. To find more of her writing and musings on literature, follow her on Instagram @scripturientsilver.

Her work in Fterota Logia: Scripturient


Allison Fradkin

Allison Fradkin has a gay old time applying her Women’s & Gender Studies education to the creation of coming-of-age stories for the stage and the page. An enthusiast of accessibility, visibility, and inclusivity, she serves as Dramatist for Special Gifts Theatre, Editor for Bold Strokes Books, and Co-Artistic Director and Literary Manager for Violet Surprise Theatre. Allison’s auxiliary activities include vintage shopping, volunteering, and tending to her thespian tendencies. Both her offstage and onstage undertakings may be looked over online.

Her work in Fterota Logia: It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Pink Lady Sings


Claire Betita de Guzman

Claire Betita de Guzman is a Filipina writer based in Singapore and author of four novels, Miss MakeoverBudget is the New BlackGirl Meets World, and No Boyfriend Since Birth, which was adapted into a TV series. A former journalist, she worked as an editor for Cosmopolitan Philippines and Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. She has led talks at literary events in Southeast Asia and has taken part in writing workshops in France, the UK, and Tbilisi, Georgia. She is co-editor of the forthcoming Get Luckier, an anthology of Philippine-Singapore writings. Find her online at

Her work in Fterota Logia: Wake Party


Taylor Corkill


Taylor Corkill is a senior undergraduate of Columbia College pursuing a BA in Creative Writing and is from the wonderful Pacific Northwest. When she’s not in the gym or on the archery range, she’s in the kitchen. Taylor believes there is a personal magic to cooking and often the food she creates informs the characters she develops. You can follow her on Instagram at Taylor.Corkill or Twitter at Taylor_Corkill.

Her work in Fterota Logia: The Place That Used to Be


Joanne Yi

Joanne Yi is a Los Angeles-based writer and editor with an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. She is a former fiction editor of Lunch Ticket Literary Journal and has worked as a journalist for local news. Previously, she has written and spoken about the portrayal of Asian-American women in literature and the significance of writing about illness, pain, and grief. She is currently working on a YA novel and a series of short stories.

Her work in Fterota Logia: The Act of Staying Afloat