Fiction Pieces

Young adult literary journals are few and far between. Those that are easy to find are focused primarily on young adult authors, rather than the genre itself. This journal aims to explore both worlds – the world of authors who fall into the category of young adult (and how they understand literature) and the young adult genre, as written by adults. This section of the website will feature exciting, new YA fiction pieces written by authors who might be a little older than the targeted audience, though still young at heart!

Rock Bottom by Kari Anderson

Walter by S. J. Bass

Extension by Molly Booth

The Edge of the Bed by Laura Borrowdale

Orange Bowler by Jacob Butlett

Camp Bur Oak by Jacob Butlett

Hide and Seek by Carrie Connel-Gripp

Taking Flight by Nathan Elias

The Spider and the Honey Bee by Kassandra Flamouri

The Reservists: Prologue – Beyond the Wall by Daniel Fournier

French Lessons by Susan Harrison (NEW!)

Bad Luck by Rollin Jewett

Making the Move by Rollin Jewett

Bully Down by A. LaFaye

Surface by A. LaFaye

History Lesson by Rie Sheridan Rose

Lego Mona Lisa by Michelle Templeton

Far from Home by Jessica Rozycki

Pendant by Lazaros Zigomanis